Software to power and grow your MFI or SACCO.

Yam helps you increase your profit, save time and money, grow your loan book, and discover new revenue streams.

Powering the fastest growing MFIs in East Africa

Join our partners in experiencing rapid growth, increased revenue, and saving hundreds of hours per month on manual processes

Grow your loan book and your profitability

Yam's mobile app for Loan Officers enables each LO to handle 10x more borrowers efficiently, so you can grow your loan book and increase profitability.

Automate reporting and decrease fraud

Easily generate reports with just one click, and track loan officer activities to stay on top of issues.

No connectivity? No problem.

Yam's mobile app supports an offline mode so that loan officers can use the app in remote areas, and sync their data when they have a connection.

Easy Onboarding and Integration

Yam makes it easy to switch from paper, spreadsheets or other tools, to Yam. User rights, variable loans, loan editing, adjustable loan schedules and API integrations all make Yam the most flexible software on the market.

Sell Products & Generate New Revenue

Leverage your loan officer network and borrower trust to sell products through Yam's embedded e-commerce feature. Loan officers sell products to borrowers directly through Yam's software, Yam handles logistics and fulfillment. You make more money.

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